mister tierra bomba

Bogotá Audiovisual Market BAM Projects (Colombia) 2015


One could summarize the film’s main topic into the word visibility: who am I, what do I want to look like, what do I want to show, who do I want people to think I am? The film reveals how we select, edit and stage our lives. Cristian’s Instagram feed might seem to tell more about his life than what he decides to tell Josephine’s camera. But ultimately it’s just the same story told from different perspectives.

Director's note

Cristian, an Afro-Colombian youth, does what he thinks is right in a struggle to become more visible in society: he enrolls in acting school, posts more and more photos of himself on social media and accepts mysterious offers to catapult his career. Josephine, the director with the camera, reveals how Cristian stages and edits his life over a span of five years time, turning it into what he has always dreamt of – acting in a film.

At the same time, the film reflects on the immediacy of our society, wondering if we miss out on opportunities in real life because of being immersed in our virtual alter-ego.

Duration and Data Sheet: 90 min, DCP / Blue Ray / DVD, Color, 1.85 aspect ratio, 2020
Topic: biography, minorities, social networks
Genre: Documentary
Subtitles: Spanish, English
Production company: Global Eyes Production, Black Frame Digital, Imán Music (Colombia)
Sales: Global Eyes Production
Merchandising: photo book


Bogotá Audiovisual Market BAM Projects (Colombia) 2015