Memories Lost and Found

The Mampuján weavings, that portray the armed conflict in the Afro-Colombian Caribbean, bring to surface memories of my childhood, when I lived the last years of Apartheid in South Africa and Lesotho. The confrontation between that time and the current situation in Colombia, lead me to a cinematic search around the construction of collective memory about the conflict. These are my MEMORIES LOST AND FOUND.

Duration and Tech Specs: 90 min
Subject: postconflict, collective memory
Genre: Documentary
Production Company: In development. Global Eyes Production (Colombia)
Financed by: ProImágenes Colombia
Director: Josephine Landertinger Forero
Producer: Irene Lema
Project Bio: Documentary Feature Script Writing Fund ProImágenes 2015, Bogotá Audiovisual Market “Projects” 2017