Film Workshops

The most effective, playful and entertaining way of learning about subjects such as peace, tolerance or human rights is using audiovisual instruments. Video a medium which not only adults, but also children and young people of today are very familiar with. Participants learns to debate, to make joint decisions, and respect ideas of others, while producing their stories. After finishing the workshop, participants gain practical audiovisual knowledge they can implement in their day-to-day life.

Film Workshop “Integration for Peace”

“Integration for Peace” is an educational proposal that addresses educational institutions (colleges, universities, libraries, museums, etc.) and consists of using film as the main tool to work on the issues of uprooting, integration and tolerance.

Target age is 15 years and older.

The proposal consists of a one-day workshop with the following modules:

  1. WATCH: Screening of the movie “HOME – the country of illusion”
  2. EXPRESS: Discussion around the topics of the film: identity, migration, uprooting, sense of belonging
  3. FILM: produce a short film about integration

Why book this workshop?

  1. Accept the other: The debates will lead to the understanding that we need to form a community based on the respect of our differences.
  2. Integration is a fundamental pillar for peace: By teaching tolerance and integration, we are teaching how to share and live peacefully with one another.
  3. Audiovisual art: Participants will receive hands-on training and produce a short film, being able to tell stories using moving images.


Film Workshop “Filmmaker for a day”

The short film workshop is a proposal that is aimed at all types of institutions (educational, governmental, international, etc.) or private companies that want to give their children and youngsters the experience of being a filmmaker for one day or more.

Our suggested target age is 12 to 20 years. If you wish to book this workshop for younger children, don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss details.

The proposal consists of a workshop with following modules:

  1. WRITING: learning how to write a script
  2. DRAWING: learning how to tell a story in pictures, draw a storyboard
  3. I AM A FILMMAKER: learning about the different roles that exist in a movie
  4. FILMING: produce a film together with the other participants

These are some of the subjects that we have worked on in our short film workshops: improve youth participation, raise awareness about inclusion and disability, improve tolerance among displaced children, and understand the differences between the two.
You decide which general subject we should focus on.
Why do this workshop?

  1. Group work: The dynamics of creating a product that depends on the work of all improves the ability to work with others who have different points of view.
  2. Being critical: By understanding the process of producing a movie, participants learn to look critically at everything that is offered to us in today’s mediatic world.
  3. Final product: Participants will have a final product of high quality in their hands – a short film that can be screened at educational institutions or even at film festivals.


Results of our Workshops:

Workshop Audiovisual Basics

Basic knowledge of video production; workshop for evaluators of government program Vive Digital organized by the DIS Foundation

Bogotá, Colombia

Short Film Workshop

Human rights and tolerance for displaced children, organized by Populus Proyectos Comunitarios and Projectar Sin Fronteras, supported by the Ministry of Culture, San Cristóbal del Sur

Bogotá, Colombia

Short Film Workshop

Human rights and inclusion, organized by educational NGO Humanity in Action, German Office

Berlin, Germany

Short Film Workshop

Focus on cultural tolerance; overcoming prejudices between young Germans and Arabs organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mobile Video Workshop

How to use mobile video for political campaigns and political participation; workshop for young people from the Baltic countries organized by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Riga, Latvia

Mobile Video Workshop for Journalists

Workshop for Guatemalan journalists without access to professional technical equipment organized by the Central American Institute of Political Studies INCEP

Guatemala City, Guatemala