Crowdfunding for our film MISTER TIERRA BOMBA

We have started a crowdfunding campaign via the platform Indiegogo for our film MISTER TIERRA BOMBA.

MISTER TIERRA BOMBA tells the story of Cristian, a Afrocolombian youth who fights for this dream of being an actor despite many hardships presented on his way there.

We are seeking funding for the film’s postproduction. Any contribution will make the difference!

If you like this project but can’t contribute, please forward it to as many contacts as possible.

All those who would like to get involved in any other way are welcome aboard. If you would like to offer original music for the film, sound design, graphic design etc., please let us know!


The Impact

It is really important to tell a success story of an Afrocolombian youth, who believes in himself and in is capacity to “make it” in life. Representing minorities through a film that will have thousands of spectators can make a difference in society. Furthermore we believe that the aspiration of being a professional in the field of the Arts is something that should be available for everybody, regardless of your social or economic background.

We want to organize outreach campaigns with Cristian as a motivation coach, showing the film in vulnerable communities and helping other kids fulfill their dreams.

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