ellas - women in quarantine

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confinement is revealing the internal strength of those who spend these days in solitude, those who must support an entire family, those who manage to avoid fainting in the midst of uncertainty and therefore discoverING POWERFUL feminine VOICES is so important.



Eight women in five countries share their quarantine experiences.  Although in very different contexts, all have in common that no matter how difficult their particular situation may be, their way of approaching life makes them resilient women capable of overcoming any difficulties. They are the invisible heroes of the pandemic.

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ELLAS – women in quarantine (2020),

52 min docu, Hybrid series 6 x 10 min, book,
Instagram visual narrative

Global Eyes Production (Colombia), YPR Films (Dominican Republic)

in production

Topics: women, biography, human interest, quarantine
Genre: Documentary


Nominada a Mejor Documental Colombiano Premios Macondo 2017 (Colombia)

Mención de Honor Jurado Panorama Colombian Film Festival Berlin 2017
Premio Señal Colombia 2016 (Colombia)

Premio Nacional Cinemateca IDARTES 2016 (Colombia)

Bogotá Audiovisual Market BAM Screenings (Colombia)

Encuentros Cartagena 2014 (Colombia)

LisbonDocs International Financing and Coproduction Forum 2013 (Portugal)

DocsBarcelona Medellín 2016 (película inaugural)

Festival Filmouflage Berlín 2017 (película de cierre)